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Changing Lenses; Seeing Different, Seeing the Same

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

When I finished my book Pobrecitos, I reflected on whether I hit the mark I was aiming for. Did I paint a realistic picture of what I saw? Could the reader get a glimpse of something that struck me? How might they interpret what it was that I was describing? I won’t ever know that, not for sure. I only hope that when we discuss our shared and independent observations, we can all go away from the conversation with a fresh look at the topic, be they social, political or creative. I have been fortunate to have a wide variety of friends with vastly different world views. I am much the richer for that. One element I strive for in my writing is clarity, and for that I need to continue to refresh my lens, to be open to all that there is to see. As a practicing behavioral scientist, I have always been intrigued with how people formulate their opinions. And for that, my heart needs to be open, too. Here’s to open hearts and a variety of friends for us all.

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