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Some women speak their voices softly, perhaps only to themselves or within the family circle. We have been blessed to hear articulate voices speaking from such women. It is our belief that they should have been heard by more people. So, we are in the process of setting up a venue, forum or platform to share voices and creations of women who only whisper now. Shortly, we will post information and ideas about how we propose to make such an opportunity available. Perhaps a series of talks, perhaps a means of virtual publication that will widen the circle of wise women who are still learning how to speak the language of their soul and continue the tradition of telling their truth.  ~ Eileen Davis Elliott

The Mabel-Margie Project
Named for our grandmothers who we watched struggle to articulate and find themselves in the midst of what was required of them. The project will be a series of events, virtual and in-person to support and showcase women or those who identify as women. We will guide them as they gain skill and clarity practicing the written word or other creative media.

We at the Mabel Margie Project are convinced everyone has a story to tell or an idea to share. That story we have inside us is Unfinished Business. We are all writers and story tellers of varying experience, and this might be your chance to share your story, anonymous or with full name disclosure in an anthology of short pieces. 500 to 600 words, two pages or so. The length would require some tight writing and some clear focus.  And just about anyone can write two pages. It could be a story you tell people in a line at the store or while waiting for a bus. It might be the story you have always told yourself and recently discovered was a lie. We want to help you share your words. We want you to be published authors. You can do it! You have something to say.


Who hasn’t been doing serious thinking about the direction of our lives and if we have made the right choices or if we have things left undone. Who should you have talked to? What should you have said? How should you have spent your time? Your money? Your talent? Who should you have thanked? Perhaps you should have confronted someone, maybe even yourself.  Or what are you grateful for? Who kicked you or encouraged you in the right direction? What has been your proudest moment? What would you rather forget? You get the idea; you think the thoughts, you tell the tale, and now you can write it down. We really, really, really want to hear it and help you “get it out into the world.”

The submission time is short, between April 10 and May 31, 2021. Fifty to sixty pieces will be selected for the anthology. It may be a paperback or perhaps an e-book. There is no reading or submission fee. Write to

 for submission guidelines, and in the meantime, dust off those old notebooks or start editing the story you want heard.  


The Give-A-Hand-Up Project
Encouragement and mentoring those who wish to share their work via setting writing goal, electronic publishing, and finding supportive environments to facilitate one’s writing practice is the focus of Give-A-Hand-Up. We mentor, support, and facilitate wherever possible to get the idea from the writer’s mind to a receptive audience; perhaps one other person, perhaps many.


Stay tuned for an invitation to participate as these possible opportunities emerge.

Our Mission:

We move forward. We learn. We adapt. We grow. We triumph over our fears to speak our truth.

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