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We are so grateful for those who took time to join us for this amazing event.




A collaborative work written by Eileen Davis Elliott

Illustrated by Lily Engblom-Stryker and Ava Town

Students and established creators sharing views of "poor ones", marginalized people of the world

The poetry collection reflects many years of travel to far-off corners in the world by retired Vancouver, WA psychologist Eileen Davis Elliott. She sought the collaboration of two young artists who are studying at Vancouver School of Arts and Academics. The poems have been illustrated by Ava Town of Ridgefield and Lily Engblom-Stryker of Vancouver. The black-and-white drawings amplify the poems' entries to see the "poor ones" of the world, the Pobrecitos. 

There are glimpses of old grandmothers in six-story walkups in Warsaw, a care worker visiting the child sex workers of Thailand, and street vendors of Mexico who take their babies to work and provide a cradle under their skirts. Together, the words and pictures reveal a story of places of gritty reality with loving respect. 

This is Elliott's third published book of poetry. She calls these collections of narrative poems "poemoirs", because they reflect her own or close family experience in poetry and memoir style.  Her earlier books are Prodigal Cowgirl, a homage to the Midwest rural life of the 50"s, and Miles of Pies, a poetic history take on a family and small  town life of the 50's. Both books are available through or from the author. She also works on combining text and visual image in "decorated" haiku, abstract painting and figure drawing and continues to work on a novel and new poetry. 

Ava Town is a senior who will graduate in June, 2021. She has been accepted in the Laguna College of Art and Design. She plans to continue to develop her interest in concept art/visual development. She paints in oils and is a digital artist, and hopes to release her own book some day. 

Lily Engblom-Stryker is a junior. She plans to seek a degree in either illustration or fine arts and pursue an industry job combined with freelance work. She has been an equestrian since the age of 8 and won Gold and Silver regional awards from Scholastic Arts for writing and art. 


April National Poetry Month

Featured Reader - Eileen Davis Elliott

Ghost Town Poetry Series 

April 8th

6:30 pm PST

Hosted by: Christopher Luna and Morgan Paige

For more information on the Ghost Town Poetry Series, please visit

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