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"Now times" vs "Before Times"

My current adventures, during what I call the “Now Times,” contrasted to the “Before Times,” are close to home. Today I drove down to the riverside to see the trains that wake me some nights. They move all hours and carry grain from the golden Palouse and the High Plains to the terminal here. I studied the gigantic granaries that sentinel the riverbanks, where the mighty Columbia takes a turn north and then heads back to the west and the sea. What goes on inside those huge structures that shelter foodstuff, that allow us to think about “plenty” and “enough” and other words of comfort? How is all that power, that blessingness going to be used and who will benefit? I think again. What am I storing inside of me that can be of use to others and how can I “ move it on through” to others? Does it really matter if I might disturb the sleep of others in so doing? What gifts do we have and who can or should we be sharing them with? I drive home and write and think and am grateful.

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